Clinics We Offer

Well Baby Clinics

Well baby clinics are held on Thursday mornings from 09.00 to 12.00, by appointment run by Dr’s Roxburgh or Dr Ealing. A Health Visitor will usually be available at these clinics which are for routine checkups and vaccinations, together with help and advice regarding the health of pre-school children. It is important that all babies and young children receive their routine vaccinations. If you have any queries please speak to the Health Visitor, Nurse or Doctor. Post-natal's are also carried out in these clinics.


The doctors offer comprehensive advice on methods of contraception. We fit coils, the contraceptive implants and can arrange vasectomy’s in house, by appointment during normal surgery times. Please tell the receptionist if you need to be seen urgently for emergency contraception. This can be done confidentially, stating the appointment is needed for personal reasons/women’s problem.

Adult Immunisation

Flu can be serious, especially for older people or those with chronic illnesses. A preventative vaccine is available each Autumn.

If you are over 65 or have diabetes, heart, lung or kidney disease, or take steroid tablets ask for details in September.

Minor Surgery

Some of our doctors are qualified to perform certain surgical procedures. Your doctor will advise you where this may be appropriate.


Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a major cause of disability and death. We offer advice to help smokers to quit.



Other Clinics

We also run the following Specialist clinics:-

  • Dietician
  • Mental Health Support Clinic
  • Drug Rehabilitation Clinic

These clinics can be accessed by a GP or Nurse referral or from the Community Drugs Team.