Enhanced Access Survey

Your views wanted on evening and weekend appointments

The extended access service offers GP practice appointments in evenings and at weekends when our surgery is closed.

This service is currently offered from Rossendale Primary Health Care Centre in Rawtenstall.

However, from 1 October 2022, NHS England has requested that primary care networks (which are networks of GP practices across a small geographical location) take over the running of these services in their local areas. This means there may be some minor changes to the service.

We feel it is important that our patients are able to have a say in how these services are provided, and we therefore have devised a short survey so you are able to do this.

Please complete the survey at: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/4QNAI0/

ATTENTION: Our New Surgery Number

As of Wednesday 27th April at 10am, we will be contactable on a new number. Our old number will no longer be in use, so please be sure to use the correct number. 

SAVE THE NEW NUMBER: 01706335340

Tell your family and friends.

Data Sharing Preferences

Your health records contain confidential patient information, which can be used to help the NHS with research and planning. If you do not want your data to be used in this way, you can opt out. Your confidential patient information will still be used for your individual care.

Further information to ensure that you are fully informed about this and the form to complete to state your preference can be found using the following link. Please use this instead of ringing the practice.